The UC Lit is broken down into 10 commissions who work on different types and aspects of our events. Most of our commissions have a meeting every month and if you're interested in getting involved with their work, feel free to email the commissioner!

Athletics Commission (Ben Wang -
The Athletics Commission runs all sports themed events, such as ski trips, Raptor's games, viewing parties and much more! They also oversee all the UC intramurals - more information about joining a team can be found here!

Equity & Outreach Commission (Mira El Hussein -
The Equity & Outreach Commission brings light to issues within our UC community and hold events that promote the diversity of University College. It also supports local charities, provides volunteer opportunities for students to get involved in their local community, and more!

Literary & Creative Arts Commission (Kaitlyn Ferreira -
Literary & Creative Arts specializes in providing a platform for UC students to showcase their talent and creativity, and encourage art around our college. They also oversee UC publications such as our college newspaper, the UC Gargoyle, and our literary journal, The UC Review.

Off-Campus Commission (Sara Mandia -
The Off-Campus Commission works hard to make the lives of our 80% commuter population as easy as possible. Come find your home away from home at the Commuter Student Centre!

Services Commission (Martha Beach Bartel -
The Services Commission brings us our annual Fireball, the largest semi-formal on campus! This commission also runs our other two semi-formals: Graduation Formal and Red & White.

Spirit and Communications Commission (Dan Proctor -
The Spirit & Communication Commission is responsible for making the UC Lit as open and accessible as possible through social media and our website. SCC also designs and sells all Spirit Wear!

Social Commission (Tua Hytönen -
The Social Commission brings us all of our Pub Crawls, Club Nights, and other fun activities on and off campus!

University Academic Affairs Commission (Danielle Stella -
The University and Academic Affairs works to promote an active learning community at UC. They run events targeted towards academic success and post-secondary opportunities.

Mental Wellness Commission (Thomas Pender -
The Mental Wellness Commission strives to bring awareness to issues surrounding Mental Health around UC and reduce stigma. This is done through holding various events, workshops and discussions.

Sustainability Commission (Michelle Zhong -
The Sustainability Commission is dedicated to encouraging more sustainable practices in the UC community to make the college more vibrant, green, and environmentally responsible.

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