Spring Executive Elections 2017

The results are in! Thank you to all candidates who ran such great campaigns!

Voter turnout: 275

Welcome to the UC Lit Spring Elections Page! Here you will find the list of candidates along with their candidate statements, demerit points (if any), as well as other pertinent information.

There will be a Core Executive debate held on Monday March 13th in the Commuter Student Centre. If you would like to submit any questions for the debate, please fill out this Google Form.

There will also be a UCOC Commissioner debate on Tuesday March 14th in the Commuter Student Centre. For more information, please check out this event page.

Voting takes place March 15th-17th at voting.utoronto.ca

The results of the elections will be posted here once the elections are complete.

A copy of the elections code can be found here.



- Albert Hoang

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

Hey UC! There has never been a community I’ve felt more strongly about than our college. I can’t promise that I’m the most charismatic, or the smartest, or a strong student politician. I can promise that I will always try to listen to student voices and student input. I can promise that I will work hard for a community that has given me so much. And I can promise that I will work to improve our college, our spaces, and make sure the Lit is always reaching out to as many students as possible. Specifically, I’m focusing on integrating environmental sustainability in our structures, connecting UC students to career opportunities, and ensuring council stays engaged. UC will be a home that I’ll remember years from now – I want it to be a home for you, too. Vote Albert for President!

Vice President:

- Victoria Kourtis

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

Hey UC! I am running to be the Vice President of the Lit and to represent you in all forms!
As the current Services Commissioner, I know what it takes to be organized, work under pressure, listen, and work with everyone!
My platform is this:
-Friendly and welcoming community
-Environmentally conscious
-Transparent in all actions/events that the Lit is going to take and what we're up to
-Accountable for all of our actions
UC has been my home for the past three years and I am hoping to help all incoming (whether it be first years or visiting/international students) and present students feel safe and as welcomed as I did! I'm holding the doors open for everyone and I hope you'll vote for me!

Finance Commissioner:

- Raye Negatu

(Demerit Points Total: 4; (2 points for late submission of candidate statement) (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

Hey UC!
A few of things to know about me are: I am a 3rd year Rotman Commerce Accounting Specialist, I have experience (through internships and other opportunities) in auditing, and I had the opportunity to be a member of the Finance Commission this year. Being a member, I have gained valuable experience and come to learn a lot about this commission. I hope to bring more efficiency, organization, and improvements to the commission to make the auditing process easier for everyone involved and easier to make room in the budget for all the wonderful UC events. I am looking forward to working with all of you this upcoming school year.


- Benjamin Jiaming Wang

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

My name is Ben, and I’m currently a third-year student at University College studying Statistics and Molecular Genetics. I’m running for the position of Athletics Commissioner because I want to ensure that every student at UC has an opportunity to be involved in athletics and to experience what it’s like to be part of a team. As a member of several intramural teams and captain of our coed dodgeball team, I’ve witnessed firsthand how intramural sports and athletics bring people together, forge friendships between strangers, and foster a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the students of University College. As Athletics Commissioner, I’ll work hard to ensure that this tradition continues, and that our intramural program continues to be an open and inclusive community featuring players of all backgrounds and skill levels. I’ll also ensure that the Lit organizes events and programs that appeal to both seasoned athletes and students who have barely played sports in the past, so that everybody has something to gain from athletics at University College. If you share my desire to develop and maintain an inclusive and diverse athletic community here at University College, then vote for me for Athletics Commissioner!

Equity & Outreach:

- Mira ElHussein

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

Hey pals!

I'm running to be the Equity Commissioner this year and I'm super excited to give back to this community. From improving existing spaces to carving out new ones, I'm ready to tackle the issues head on and make some actual progress. I've got tons of ideas and more than enough passion to make it happen. Check out my full platform at equityatuc.weebly.com and be sure to let me know what you'd like Equity and Outreach at UC to look like this year!

Love and solidarity,

Literary & Creative Arts:

- Jax Wong

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

READY FOR MY LONGEST YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOI EVER??? yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - during frosh week my friends led me to the coolest booth during UC’s club fair, the LCA table. The LCA commission is the place to be when you to be involved with the coolest artsy things that the students of University College are up to. The transition into university can be difficult for some people and continues to be a struggle throughout their education. Mental health can be a very challenging topic for people to talk about but a platform such as the arts can be a fantastic way to engage in this conversation. Another thing that I am very passionate about is allowing a space for people to express their art! What better way to do this than through an art market which would allow local artists a chance to showcase their art in a professional setting? As I am sure that our art market will demonstrate, artists come from diverse backgrounds. The way that our art is portrayed in this community should represent the intercultural foundation that UC is built upon. - BOI.

- Kaitlyn Ferreira

(Demerit Points Total: 1; (1 point for late submission of candidate statement))

Lights! Camera! Action! Well, that’s not really what LCA stands for, but I’m ready to bring the pizzazz to the Literary and Creative Arts commissioner position. I love this commission so I want to make it the best it can be for all of YOU! Want more low-key events? Sure! Interested in seeing some SCC-LCA teamwork? Cool! Want to cover the JCR in streamers? I like the spirit, but no thank you! I hope you send a vote my way, and thank you for voting in general! I love you UC!

- Thomas Pender

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

Hello everyone! Earlier this year I was elected a first year rep on the Lit ratified to the LCA commission, and I loved every second of it. I didn’t realize this at first, but the arts community here at UC is an absolutely amazing environment, and as someone who’s ben involved in performing since a young age I felt very much at home. So this is why I’m running to be your new LCA commissioner, and here are a few of the ideas I have for if I was elected. Firstly I feel like the type of events the LCA hosts can branch out a bit more into the other types of art. Obviously the monthly coffeehouses are amazing, but there’s so much opportunity for other types of art like creative writing, visual arts, dance, etc. I would love to be able to hosts events more catered to those forms of art such as art therapy nights, creative writing contests, and dance shows if there was interest. If these ideas resonate with you, then consider voting for me in this election. Either way, I’m very excited for the future of the LCA and the next year to come!


- Sara Mandia

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of candidate statement))

Hey UC!

As a commuter I know the struggle that non-resident students face when it comes to getting involved within the college community. But ever since the beginning of my first year I have found a home within UCOC and I want others to as well. Through my experience as Mid-Year Rep, as well as my involvement with UCOC and various other commissions, I have become extremely familiar with the workings of student politics as well as the planning and running of events. This past year, the commission has been lacking in outreach and inclusivity. We want new members, we don’t want people to be afraid to come in and become a part of this wonderful community. It is here to bring old and new commuters alike in a single place. It is a unique privilege that not many other colleges (or universities) have. It is because of this that I have created a platform of: 1) More off campus and community oriented events. 2) A focus on commuter accessible and desired events and services. 3) The Continuation of Collaboration Between UCOC, Student life, and its fellow UCLit commissions. 4) The Return of monthly Pancakes!

- Paul Schweitzer

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

My name is Paul, and I’m running to be Off Campus Commissioner on the UClit. Spending two years on the lit and a year as the deputy of UCOC has taught me a lot about working on the lit and with the commission and has helped me build my platform for this year. If elected, I want to involve the Commission in planning processes, collaborate more with the Community Coordinators and other Commissions, use alternative advertising, and increase first year retention in the Commuter Student Centre.
Thank you for your time.


- Evangeline Procopoudis

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

Hey UC! As Services Commissioner I promise to make sure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy all the fun and festivities that come with attending one of our many formal events from Red & White to Fireball! With my experience as a Room Head for Fireball 2017 and as a commission member, I’ll make sure that Fireball 2018 is just as, if not more successful than any other year! With all the new changes coming to our main UC building next year, experience, organization and an overwhelming love for all things UC are qualities that are needed and that I can put forth. Red & White will be a night that our new froshies will never forget, and a wonderful introduction to the UC family! Hope I can count on your votes!

- Martha Beach Bartel

(Demerit Points Total: 3; (1 point for late submission of candidate statement) (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

When I was choosing commissions to join, services was the one that drew me in from first glance. I have a passion for dances that is rivalled only by my extreme fear of dancing. For me, the fun parts about formals is getting to see everyone else have the time of their lives. I want to ensure that next year’s formals will be unforgettable for everyone in UC. I want to keep our formals as sustainable and economically friendly as possible while still keeping the rooms as magical as ever. This means having a few main reusable decorations, and keeping our waste in mind when we buy disposable items. One of the main concerns we will have during the next year is about the building itself. University College is undergoing renovations, which will make one of the large halls unavailable for our formals. This coming year is going to require a commissioner who is adaptable. I want to be the kind of commissioner that people feel that they can bring suggestions to, a commissioner who makes fireball an experience that people can help improve for years to come. If you vote for me I’ll make sure the next year is hotter than the fire of 1890.


- Natasha Malik

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

"HEY UC, are you tired of all the assignment deadlines? Is the 2nd floor of Robarts library the bane of your existence? Do you just want to go out and have some fun for a change?
Do not fear for Natasha is here!
A vote for me is a vote for some LIT socials. I want to hear about the events that U want to C.
You want some hyped pub crawls, drink tickets and all? I got you.
Or perhaps a board game night? HELL YEAH, I am not only highly competitive but also a sucker for Scrabble.
All in all, I ask you to vote for me so that I can work towards making the most of your free time.
With a friendly face and a drive to socialize, here’s hoping that you will vote for Natasha Malik as your Social Commissioner 2017-2018.”

- Tua Hytonen

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

Your Social Deputy of the year is running to be your Social Commissioner! Being the Deputy this year has allowed me to gain the necessary experience I need for this position, as well as understand the faults and issues we need to improve on. This year I hope to continue to make UC more sustainable, accessible and inclusive. More all-ages events, more events that are thoughtful of our planet, and more opportunities for everyone to attend. Social is in need of new legendary events, and I wish to work closely with the Commission members as well as other Commissions to make these events happen, not forgetting our traditional Pub Crawls!

Spirit & Communications:

- Kirsten McAuliffe

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

Hey UC, I said HEY UC! My name is Kirsten McAuliffe and I running for your Spirit and Communications Commissioner! After spending a year as a deputy planning Fireball and Red and White I understand how important UC spirit is to the community. I want to help foster that sense even more. With all the opportunities around campus is it easy to miss application deadlines and such. I don't want that to happen to you anymore. As commissioner I would strive to have a centralized location of all applications, opportunities and events of UC, not just a plethora of Facebook pages! Perhaps you or your club has struggled with getting the word out about events and need help designing amazing posters? I want to connect those in UC with the talent to design promo material with those who need it! There is so much talent at UC we can't let it go to waste! So, when it comes to voting day I hope you will consider me, Kirsten, as your SCC commissioner! ILL ALWAYS BE THERE IN THE MC OF TIME!

- Dan Proctor

(Demerit Points Total: 0)

Turnout at UC Lit events this year has been disappointing to say the least. At many events the attendees are just Lit members and their friends, which is disappointing because all of our money is being spent on these events. This is not because of some devious plan by Lit members; they want you at these events. It is merely the advertising falling short. If you elect me as Spirit and Communications Commissioner I will commit to making sure our events are properly publicized and that you know how to enjoy the product of your UC fees. I have several ideas on how to do this, and you can read those ideas on my platform here: https://goo.gl/SNYN8F.
As for Spirit, I want to make sure that the spiritwear we sell is the spiritwear you want to buy and that people know where and how to buy it. I plan to organize multiple limited time offers, design polls, and design contests to keep spiritwear on everyone’s mind all year round. So say it with me... Yeah yeah we got spirit (wear)! Yeah yeah we got spirit (wear)! Yeah yeah we got U U U U UUUUUUU C spirit (wear)!

University & Academic Affairs:

- Danielle Stella

(Demerit Points Total: 2; (2 points for late submission of receipts of campaign expenses))

Hi UC Friends!
My name is Danielle Stella and I am running for University and Academic Affairs commissioner! I am a first year rep currently on the UC Lit, and have had experience planning and organizing many events. As the commissioner, I will provide academic help and services for students from first year to graduate year. These events include study jams for first year courses during the exam season, grad school, LSAT, MCAT info sessions, and essay-writing workshops. Since UAA is very diverse in what it covers, I want to collaborate with the Equity and Outreach commission and the Mental Health commission to work on many projects. This includes having de-stressors throughout the year with crafts, therapy dogs, and games, and healing space discussions in the JCR. I also want to advertise more scholarships, financial aid, and grants on the UC Lit website, as well as career and housing advice. I also want to continue planning UAA's International Students Resource Fair which will promote cultural acceptance and understanding at U of T. I also plan on initiating better communication between the UC Lit, UTSU and UC students.

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