Fall First-Year Rep Elections 2017


Brie Augustine

Brandon Lee

Tony Liang

Sabrina Weinstein

Soli Yared

Welcome to the UC Lit Fall Elections Page! Here you will find the list of candidates along with their candidate statements, demerit points (if any), as well as other pertinent information.

Voting takes place September 20-22 at voting.utoronto.ca

NOTE: You may vote for up to 5 First-Year Rep nominees (this reflects the numbers of spots available for those positions on the Lit).

A copy of the elections code can be found here.


Shaienne Andal

Aqeel Assan-Lebbe

Whether it was cheering on your house until you lost your voice, or squaring off in a game of dodgeball, there is a certain sense of unity that can be felt throughout UC. It is without a doubt that UC is characterized by dynamic and outgoing people who have helped us transition into university. Like snacks and memes, the UC LIT has been an instrumental component to establishing a sense of community for students.
With nearly four years of experience in overseeing logistics and sponsorships within municipal governments, I want to ensure you feel welcome during your time here at University College. I want to be able to increase awareness surrounding the work that the UC LIT does, in addition yto connecting you to with the necessary resources you need to take care of yourself through accessible means, while attempting to rework the approaches we take to promote more inclusive events, to the benefit of everyone.
Support for student governments may be dwindling, but the work we do is largely informed by your interest, ideas and insight. Great things happen when we come together, but they begin with you and I. That’s the Aqeel appeal.

Brie Augustine

Hi! I’m Brie, if you’ve met me you probably remember me referencing cheese, which means my master plan of making new friends is working. I am running for First Year Rep for the UCLit because I really care about University College. I am a trustworthy person, I pet all of the dogs that walk by me on the street — and if I can’t pet them I at least wave. I hand in my library books on time, and I’ve never been banned from club penguin. I could spend the rest of the blurb explaining to you why you should vote for me, and what my platform is. But I’ve been at the school probably the same amount of time you have, and I won’t tell you what UC needs. I think that it would be much more beneficial for the both of us if I spent my first few weeks as First Year Rep listening to your concerns. So here’s as much of cotton eyed joe as I could fit in the blurb. If hadn’t been for cotton eyed joe, I’d been married a long time ago. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you —

Sabrina Brathwaite

I, Sabrina B(rathwaite), am running on three topics that are important to me, being a UC student as well as you. If elected, I plan to work with the library to have our Wifi updated and/or restructured in order to have the level of service we pay for. I was put-off learning that the Wifi signal is so spotty that my personal printer can’t connect to my computer. Secondly, I hope to work with food services coordination in order to make sure there are always two cashier lines open during peak Fung times so that you can grab a quick snack/meal in the morning or evening before class without being late due to ten-fifteen minute line-ups. Finally, mental health awareness is personally important and I plan to put together various initiatives in order to reduce stigma and educate other students on the complexities of the topic. A vote for me, Sabrina B, is a vote towards improvement.

Liam Bryant

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a first-year representative who owns seven dogs, grew up in southern California, and has a distinct passion for baking bread, even at the cost of his own dignity? Well look no further!
Not only am I passionate about bread, but I’m also passionate about writing notes, speaking to others in a consultative register, and attending meetings. And on top of all that, I have a bank of exhilarating, breathtaking, and even tantalizing stories about my life that will hypnotize you and prove my worth as a representative, any time, any day. Some examples are listed below:
1)Obese at Halloween: My Struggles as a Fat Six-Year-Old Aspiring to be Yoda
2)The Sixth Grade Trashcan Diver from Hell
3)I’m Sorry I Wrote the “F-Word” on that Lab Please Don’t Call my Mom, Mr. Cavanaugh
The titles might need some reworking in the future, but if any, or all, of the above entranced you, and you want to give this desperate expat a chance, then please send a vote my way! I will do everything in my power to execute the responsibilities of my position with transparency, equity, and a whole lot of laughs.
Thanks for taking the time to read my statement, and have a great one!

Clifford Chuang

Hey UC!
Its Clifford. As you can probably tell from me tearing up the dance floor during Red and White (yeah, that Asian guy with the loosened white shirt and red tie was me), I’m super excited to be a part of the UC family. My aim as a first-year rep will be to spearhead as many events as possible, so that as the founding college of the University of Toronto, we can be closer together than ever before. These events would range from small festivals in the UC quad, to more formal events similar to the Red and White. Also, as a friendly face around campus, I would also like to be closer to all of you. I want to be the guy that you are glad to see on your way to an early class, or the guy that you pair up with in beer pong during a late-night pre-game. Anyways, I’ve said my part, now it’s your turn. VOTE FOR ME, CLIFFORD, FOR FIRST YEAR REP!

Leonardo Cosenza

UC, we have only been in this relationship for 2 weeks. Now, after all we have gone through (frosh week & sleeping every day in your company) I must admit I am in love with you! I am running for first year representative so we can be together for one more hour during my office time.
You might ask: “why are you running for this position, my love?” I’ll tell you:
My primary concern is to create closer links between first year students and the UClit. As a Brazilian, I would like to focus my attention on developing ties between international students and better understand their issues in order to create solutions to mitigate them.
“Are you ready for it? I am worried about you.”
Look, UC, I have two years of experience in student government (organized student movements, school prefect) and several more in clubs (co-founder of Social Equality club, MUN director). I also established a project that taught art classes to disadvantaged children within a local community.
I am running for this position because I am passionate about it. As a determined and easygoing student, becoming an UC rep is one of my top priorities!
Leo <3

Andrea Estrabillo

What’s goodie UC!
My name is Andrea Estrabillo and I am running for First Year Rep on UC Lit. I’m here to have a great time and make memories to last forever, but more importantly I’m here make sure you all enjoy your uni life too. University is super important but it goes by quick, so we have to make the most out of it. Feel free to always come up to me and have a chat whenever, I’d like to think growing up with 5 brothers had helped me become a very good listener. What affects you, affects me, so together we can make this next school year one for the books. So…hey, hey you, GET OUT….of whatever you’re reading this on and go vote for your First Year Rep and remember my name is pronounced “on-drey- ah” *wink*

Daniel Franco

Hello UC! I hope that you had an amazing frosh and first week of classes! When I first arrived at the University of Toronto, I was very apprehensive about starting university both because of the new teaching styles and strangers that I would be forced to live with for the duration of the academic year. As frosh week progressed, I fell in love with the St. George campus as it is full of character. More importantly though, I fell in love with the community here at UofT. I would like to be a first year representative so that I can be a pathway for change, wherever the student body feels it should be. In my house (Hutton), we have become a family, both commuter students and residents. As students at UofT, we are each other’s family away from home. I would love to make UC one, big, happy family! To me, family is a group of people that care for, listen and support each other and as your first year representative, I will make it my priority to make sure that everyone’s opinion is heard. Thank you and have an amazing year!

Trevor Fung

Hey you! Yeah, you! Already sleep-deprived and hungry first year student! I’m assuming you’re reading this because you want to know a bit more about me/my campaign (or y’all just like reading, who knows).

Well I’m a first-year student just like you, so I’ve experienced the excitement but also anxiety/fear that comes with the beginning of this career; as your UCLit First-Year Rep I will help you have the best first year of your life! (hopefully this will be the only one). Like many others. I’m a commuter-1.5 hour commute to be exact- so I can completely relate to all the other commuters out there, “y’all we struggle together”. As your first-year rep, I will strive to ensure equal opportunities for all students; no matter your circumstances. I will also make sure that UC remains as welcoming and- for lack of a better word-“lit” college/home for all students; no matter who you are. Lastly, the environment/sustainability is very important to me, so I will work to make UC a community that is friendly to our Mother Earth. Thanks for taking your time to read this (hopefully not boring paragraph). REMEMBER, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN, VOTE FOR FUNG!

Melissa Giblon

Gabriella Hermany

Hey UC! I said hey UC!

Let me see you vote for Gabriella! (For real though.)
I’m running for the position of First-Year Rep on the UCLit because I love UC and I want to be a voice for all of us first-years. We make up the majority of the students in residence at UC, yet the UCLit is dominated by upper-years. If I am elected, I promise to use my voice to ensure that all of our issues are addressed and resolved properly!
I am open to suggestions from everyone, however, many issues students have been having thus far have been dining hall-related. If elected, I will work to lower the prices of food in Fung, get healthier options at Fung, and ensure that Fung offers more food that we actually enjoy!
For first-year commuter students who don’t feel like they are getting the full college experience or are finding it difficult to meet people at UC, I will plan and propose events that offer the opportunity for commuter students and residents to meet and bond.

I am so excited for the upcoming year, and I hope that you give me the chance to be a voice for you

Adela Jeon

Hey UC... I said hey
UC!! Hey! I want to be your UC Lit First Year Rep because I'd love to work with what I find to be one of the most welcoming communities on campus. With so many different backgrounds, personalities and interests, I truly believe that the strength of our college
is in our diversity. Carrying forward this welcoming environment, it is so important to me that all first year students, even commuters, are updated and aware of the campus resources and events available to them all year long. If elected, I promise to do everything
I can to act as a liaison and keep in touch consistently to better understand what YOU want to see from the UC Lit. My social media accounts are all public and accessible for any questions, concerns and input from the UC community at all times and feel free
to catch me anytime on campus if you see me. To you I’ll listen, so make me the new addition! See you around, UC!

Brandon Lee

*cue humble instrumental*
I remember high school drama and the cafeteria food
Finesse some students with some Tmoney and flex dollars too
Trust me when i say i'm goin for first year rep it's all true
You say they say i can't win he's running for the fun of it
Girl, i can buy you pure leaf with my large meal plan
Ooh that brown truck good thank God it's so close to sir dans
I get way too petty once you make me do the readings
Pull up on your house, then break it down: we doing calculus
Am to the pm pm to the am funk
This boy making memes you just gotta hate em funk
If i fail my test i move back to vancouver funk
If i pass my course i'll be a rotman student funk
My new meme just went viral
Old meme put the fourth years in a spiral
Vote for me, i like to keep it on a high note
Its levels to it you and i know, vote Brandon Lee

Angela Li

Very anxious about starting university, I’m suddenly exposed to a new environment where I am no longer surrounded by my old group of friends.
Oh my, such a big campus,I can’t even find my classes without google mapping it.
Today there’s a practical, tomorrow there’s a tutorial, not to mention the 3 hours lectures early in the morning.
Everyone is in this together. I understand the concerns everyone has related to their transition from high school to university.
Approachable is my middle name,I will gladly vocalize any of your concerns during monthly meetings.
Not to mention, I am fluent in 3 languages: English,Mandarin and grade 9 level french-haha
Good food, great company. My vision is to have a variety of UC wide events that will provide opportunities for UC students to connect after a long stressful day of class.
Even though I’ve only been at UOFT for a couple of weeks,I'm glad to be a part of the UC family and I wish to have an active role in making your school year the best one yet :)
Angela loves UC <3

Tony Liang

Keep that UC spirit up!! I have met so many amazing people in this particular month, and it is truly mind-blowing to know that many of you share this thought of mine – UC is Lit! Starting from that first handshake and warm smile, comparable to the excitement of first ever moon landing, I have successfully made my university life ten times better. I smile to sleep thinking of the many possible lifetime friends and best friends I’ve made. I love making friends, because the more friends I talk to, the more I learn! Friendships are truly precious things that come before money, without a doubt, despite my “unrequited” love for money. I was also amazed by the enthusiasm and participation of all the first years and the Frosh Leaders. After the awesome first week, I began to notice some “trivial” faults in UC, and so I began to ask my friends about what they “dislike about UC”. It turned out to be quite a bit: “sinks have mosquito larvae”, “bathroom aren’t cleaned on weekends”, “salad bar isn’t opening in the morning”. I cannot promise solutions, but I will bring them to the table and come up with reasonable adjustments.

Vakho Lomtadze

In these past two weeks I met some of the nicest people in my life, driven by nothing but kindness and loyalty. And now, it makes me happy to stand beside them knowing I can truly trust and count on them. The frosh week was one of a kind experience which has shown me just how special university life can be. I cannot think of a better way to give something in return for this opportunity than to participate in and contribute to the UC LIT. I want to devote my time and effort to create activities that will ultimately make the social aspect of university much brighter and more accessible to others.
Being a First Year Rep in the Literary and Athletic Society would honestly mean a lot to me because I know that I will always be devoted to giving the best and the most engaging experience to the members of the UC. I am incredibly honoured to be a part of the University College and, if elected, I will do my absolute best to contribute to our family and make it an even better place

Jonah Merali

Olivia Michael

Demerit Points: 1 (1 point for failure to include the "To report campaign violations or concerns" blurb)


Vote Olivia Michael for first year representative as I will:

listen to ALL concerns of the student body, no matter how small or big

address the concerns of commuters regarding the lack of awareness of opportunities at U of T by collaborating with the equity and outreach commission as well as the off campus commission

address the concerns of residents regarding the food pricing at Fung

look and create ways for commuters and residents to socialize more as a community by collaborating with the social commission

Vote for me and you can be sure that your voices WILL be heard.

Goooooo UC!!!

Rudra Patel

Demerit Points: 3 (3 points for failure to comply with the spirit of the election)

Hi everyone! My name is Rudra and I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I hope you got the chance to read my platform, but if you haven't my two main points are communication and student involvement. My ultimate goal is to represent the entire student body and include your valuable opinions in the decisions that the council makes. So whether you are a commuter or a resident, I want to organize events that include all of you and are at a convenient time. I want to introduce events that are large scale to spread spirit but also more intimate events that allow us to get to know each other better. Finally, I want to introduce your opinions and concerns to the council. Through elections week, I have heard concerns about Fung hours, events at inconvenient times and suggestions to have a wider variety of spirit wear. To represent you, I need to know what you want and that is what I strive to do. Realistically, I will not be able to please everyone and fix all the problems, but I can promise that as a representative, your voices will be heard and cared for and that you will always be informed!

Hamza Ramzan

"There once was a boy named Harry
destined to be a star
his parents were killed by Voldemort
who gave him a lightning scar

Harry goes to Hogwarts
he meets Ron and Hermione
McGonagall requires he play for Gryffindor

Draco is a Daddy's boy
Quirrell becomes unemployed
The sorcerer's stone is destroyed by Dumbledore

Ron breaks his wand
now Ginny's gone
and Harry's in Mortal danger

Tom Riddle hides
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his ginormous secret chamber

Harry blows up Aunt Marge
The dementors come and take charge
Lupin is a wolf
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and now the prisoner is at large

They use time travel so they can
save the prisoner of Azkaban
who just so happens to be Harry's godfather.

Harry gets put in the Triwizard Tournament
With dragons and mermaids
He's back.

He is forced to leave the school
Umbridge arrives, Draco's a tool
Kids break into the Ministry
Sirius Black is dead as can be, oh

Split your soul, seven parts of a whole
they're horcruxes, it's Dumbledore's end

There once was a boy named Harry
who constantly conquered death.
But in one final duel between good and bad
He may take his final breath"

Stephanie Tam

Hey UC! I’m Steph! Just like you, I’ve only been here for a week or so, but I already feel very strongly connected to the UC community. I’m certainly not the most outspoken or charismatic candidate, but I am definitely going to be the most committed person to listen to your issues and opinions. I know that most first years are busy with trying to get everything figured out and trust me, I am too. However, I believe that it is absolutely essential for first years to contribute their voice to the UC community. We are going to be a part of this vibrant community for the next four years, so we should try our best to make it even better. UC will be our home away from home, so help me help you make it the best. Vote for Steph for First Year Rep!

Aidan Testa

Hey UC! My name is Aidan Testa, I'm a first year student from Toronto, I study humanities, and I want to be your First Year Representative. So, why did I decide to run? There were two experiences that really stood out to me, MyJourney and Frosh. Both of these were fun, exciting events that introduced me to what UC, to me, is all about: community. In a University with literally thousands of people, I felt instantly connected to University College and all of the amazing people there. The Literary and Athletic Society is in my opinion the single most effective tool in creating that community. Whether you are interested in athletics, academics, the arts, or pub crawls, the UCLIT has something for everyone. You have the ability to impact every aspect of the community and with that, bring everyone together. I don’t just want to be part of the UCLIT. I want to be part of fostering a strong community within University College. That is why I want to represent you, so that everybody can enter, and leave, UC feeling as though they are part of a real community.

Sabrina Weinstein

From the first time that I walked through the hallways of UC and strolled along our plethora of beautiful quads, I knew that UC was home. From the people to the architecture to the abundance of chandeliers (!) I fell head over heels in love with this vibrant community within U of T.

I want to make University College a place where residents and commuters, froshies and 4th years, locals and internationals can feel like they are truly at home. In just the two weeks that I've been here, I've never felt such a sense of community and family as I have here. I will always be the proudest Cody Clam, but I want to represent, listen to, and fight for all you first years, and make UC a place as inclusive and welcoming everyday as it was on our first days here. No matter what I will always be an ear to rant to, a shoulder to cry on, and a smile to laugh along with.

So what are you waiting for?
It doesn't take an Einstein
To vote Sabrina Weinstein

Soli Yared

Hey UC! I’m Soli. You know that weird girl who waves at you even if you don’t recognize her? That’s me! This year I’m running for one of the First Year Rep positions on the UCLit. I’ve met so many amazing people here and I’m aching to be a part of this bizarre, dysfunctional and amazing family. There’s not much I can promise to do as your first-year rep. This year is going to be hard and we’re all going to be a bit of a mess. I’m definitely no exception. However, here’s what I can promise: I’m a friend first. Your rep shouldn’t be someone who pretends they know what you need, they should be someone you confide in and trust. I’m hoping I’m that person. Over the course of this year, I want to be friends with as many of you as humanly possible. Whether you need a hug, a joke to cheer you up or someone in your corner, you can always come to me. Always. So please vote! And regardless if you vote for me or not, come say hi! I can’t wait to meet you!


Derron Yu

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