Winter Intramurals – Signups Open Until Friday, December 21!

The easiest way to get active and involved at UC is by playing Intramural Sports. The UC intramural teams ( The UC Gryphons ) are a force to be reckoned with by all the other colleges at UofT. Our Intramural Sports programs seek to fulfill the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts of all types. We try to provide them with as many sports and skill levels that we can.

Please note that upon signing up for teams the captain will be sending out emails regarding tryouts or practices. Please show up to these tryouts or notify the captain if you are no longer interested.

Fill this form ( by Friday, December 21! After this date, email Aleks,, to see if there are still spaces available.

We still have signups available for:

Co-Ed Volleyball

Women's and Co-Ed Basketball

Men's Soccer

Men's Ice Hockey

Co-Ed Inner Tube Water Polo

Women's Field Hockey

*NEW* Co-Ed Dodgeball

For inquiries about men's intramurals, contact Aleksandra Aleksandrova at
For Inquiries about women's intramurals, contact Kennedy Boyle at
For Inquiries about coed intramurals, contact Maša Stojanović at

For a comprehensive list of intramural sports available, please visit

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